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We are the leading Czech manufacturer

of COMAX roofing

51 years of experience
500 000 000 CZK annual turnover
25 000 m² of processed sheet metal/year
16 000 m² of production and storage space
45 employees

How it all began

Roofing materials for the Czechoslovak market began to be produced by COMAX® in the 1970s. This was at a time when practically none of the existing well-known manufacturers of metal roofs were active in Czechoslovakia and, with the Scandinavian exceptions, did not even exist. COMAX® started its production with the aluminium roofing material ALUKRYT® and aluminium strips for folded roofs. Until 2014, we were based in the production facility of the parent company METAL TRADE COMAX, where we also served as the company's sales office.

Alukryt - 1973

Because of the growing demand, we decided to capitalize on our many years of experience in sheet metal processing and since 2015 we have been producing sheet metal roofing and all accessories under the brand name COMAX® ROOFING in a new modern 12,000 m² facility connecting the production, warehouse and showroom. We have successful dealerships in Bristol, England and Weißenhorn, Germany.

Experience in sheet metal painting, cutting-edge technology and precision manufacturing give our roofing products high quality and a lifetime guarantee of up to 75 years.The parent company METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s. is one of the first representatives of continuous sheet metal painting in Europe and the only manufacturer of painted sheet metal in the Czech Republic. The company is a member of the ECCA association, which brings together and educates the most important European sheet metal fabricators.


Quality that is proven

COMAX® sheeting is distinguished by its low weight, easy and quick installation, long life, wide colour range, colour fastness and is 100% recyclable. The quality of the material is attested by certificates and the production process is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We carry UKCA certification on all of our Sheeting.


Flashing and fixing

We supply all additional assortment and accessories to sheet metal roofing, especially safety waterproofing and separation layers. We supply high quality fasteners with guaranteed functionality. We manufacture all bent elements according to the construction documentation, contractor's specifications or based on the COMAX catalogue.

Zakázkové úpravy plechů a svitků | COMAX

Customized with shipping

We offer custom cutting and rewinding of painted and unpainted material, sale of metal signs and coils. All roofing materials and their components are packed very carefully so that no damage occurs during transport and subsequent handling. Of course, we can arrange transport of roofing materials by vehicles within 4 weeks of the contractor's order.  


Our facilities

Production and storage of roofing materials is carried out in two production plants in Velvary and Jindřichův Hradec with a total area of 16 000 m². The modern production halls are equipped with state-of-the-art profiling lines for the production of high-quality COMAX® metal roofing. For the needs of customers we have machinery for custom cutting of sheet metal and rewinding of coils of painted and unpainted material from the company's production METAL TRADE COMAX a.s.


We carry UKCA certification on all of our Sheeting products

Major trade fairs

The COMAX® team consists of 45 employees in production, design, sales and marketing. They regularly participate in major building fairs in the Czech Republic and abroad.



COMAX Roofing has been a privileged member of the Guild of Plumbers, Roofers and Carpenters since 2017.

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Česká výroba | COMAX

Czech production

We are a purely Czech company, employing more than 600 employees in six modern plants. All input material for the production of our roofing materials is painted and processed in our production plant in Velvare, Central Bohemia.

Tradice | COMAX


The history of metallurgical production in Velvar dates back to 1938. Since 1973, METAL TRADE COMAX has been one of the first representatives of continuous painting in Europe and the only manufacturer of this type in the Czech Republic.

Stálobarevnost | COMAX


Thanks to continuous improvement of production technology, we always produce material with the same surface finish and shade. We provide extra warranties for the material and we are able to paint even atypical shades, according to the request.

Flexibilita | COMAX


Our strengths include speed of delivery, experience in the production of painted materials, quality of the product, a team of experienced technicians, and most importantly human approach.

Recyklovatelnost | COMAX


All roofing products manufactured and supplied by us are recyclable at the end of their life cycle and their use does not increase the burden on the environment.

Kompatibilita | COMAX


All our roofing materials are fully compatible with all our supplied roof elements and fasteners. Some of our roof templates can also be combined with each other.

Fair play | COMAX

Fair Play

We always deal with our business partners and their customers on the level and do business to the satisfaction of all parties. Our business partners are important to us, and we value balanced and long-term cooperation.

Kvalita | COMAX


We use only quality input material with traceable origin for production. All our products and accessories are manufactured with a focus on high quality, long lasting usability and minimal maintenance costs.

Odbornost | COMAX


Our team of staff professionals are available to you throughout the entire implementation process. In addition to high-quality and expert technical advice, warranty and after-warranty service with a personal touch is a matter of course.

COMAX Roofs history


We start producing roofing materials

The COMAX company started producing roofing materials for the Czechoslovak market in the 1970s. This was at a time when practically none of the existing well-known manufacturers of metal roofs were active in the Czech Republic and, with Scandinavian exceptions, did not even exist. COMAX started its production with ALUKRYT roofing and roof folding sheets.

Výroba pásů

Production of aluminium strips

After the start of roofing production, longitudinally cut strips for the production of plumbing elements were introduced.

Původní kanceláře

The first offices

The house with offices stood in the industrial area of the metalworks in Velvarie.



Stock of input coils

In order to meet the increasing demand, it was necessary to keep more and more input material - coils - in stock.

Strojní vybavení 1990

Strong equipment

Dobová combined (longitudinal and transverse) dividing line.

Původní laboratoře


A good view of the laboratories for testing painted material.

Pohled na pozemek 2012

Land before the construction of the new branch

Original view of the land, which will soon turn into a construction site.

Zahájení výstavby

Start of construction of the new hall

The construction of new premises outside the METAL TRADE COMAX premises was historically one of the largest investments in the growing COMAX Roofing Division.

Výstavba pokračuje

Construction continues

The construction of the new production hall proceeded as planned and above expectations quickly.

Pohled na halu 2015

New hall


The new production and storage hall, including office space, was fully completed and approved in two years from the laying of the building stone.

Pobočka Jindřichův Hradec

Opening of the branch in Jindřichův Hradec

The branch offers a complete production portfolio of COMAX roofing materials and accessories.


Opening of the Bristol, England office

Successful sales representation with an increasing trend continues to this day.

Prodejna železářství

Hardware shop

The original intention was to link the production of sheet metal roofing with the sale of hardware supplies. The hardware store was located on the ground floor of the new building.

Původní showroom 2022


The current showroom was the location of the dispatch and dealers.

2020 - Přístavba haly

Start of the warehouse extension

After less than four years, the existing production and warehouse capacities were no longer sufficient, so an extension of the existing building was started.

Showroom 2022

New showroom


In late 2022, the entire interior of the building underwent an extensive renovation, with a brand new showroom, dispatch office and training room built in the lower level.

Pohled na firmu 2023

Current view of COMAX Roofs

Comax Roofs currently manufactures on 16,000 m² of production and warehouse space, employs over 40 employees, processes 25,000 m² of sheet metal annually, and achieves a turnover of over 500,000,000 CZK.

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