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How to choose the right roofing material

Choosing the right roofing material is a key decision when building or renovating a house. The right choice can affect not only the appearance of your building, but also its durability and longevity. There is a wide range of materials on the market, which vary in price, aesthetic appeal and technical properties.
The ideal option is metal roofing, which has recently become very popular. Before embarking on the selection of metal roofing, it is important to consider various factors and the needs of your project.

štřešní krytina

COMAX Roofing manufactures several different types of metal roofing, that differ in their weather resistance, durability and aesthetic appearance. Before making the actual selection it is important to consider several factors such as the roof pitch, the geographic location of the building and the desired durability of the material. For example, for an area with frequent snowfall, it may be appropriate to choose a sheet with a higher resistance to corrosive water. Conversely, in a very sunny environment, a sheet with UV protection might be a better choice.

Aesthetics are also another factor in choosing the right type of sheet. Sheet metal is available in a wide range of colours and textures, allowing you to style your roof to your individual preferences. It is also important to consider the overall architecture of the building and the surrounding environment to ensure that the new sheet metal matches the surrounding appearance. It is also advisable to consult with our specialist when making the right choice of sheet metal for your roof, who can provide expert advice and recommendations based on the specific conditions of your building.

In this guide, we'll look at a few of the main types of COMAX roofing
We'll give you helpful advice on making the right choice and look at all the key factors you should consider when choosing a metal roofing system for your home.

Type of roof

Střecha pultová | COMAX


Counter roof has only one roof plane with a ridge and eaves and three gables (two side and a ridge). It is mainly used on buildings on the boundary of the plot, on extensions, on parts of apartment houses adjacent to neighbouring houses and in ecological architecture on so-called active solar houses.

Střecha sedlová | COMAX


The gable roof is historically the most common type of roof used in the Czech Republic. It is widespread in terraced houses and apartment buildings. It has two roof planes with a straight ridge, two eaves and two gables. Variants are the cross and semi-cross roofs (created by the intersection of two gable roofs with the same ridge height), used on buildings of more complex plan.

Střecha valbová | COMAX


An alcove roof differs from a gable roof in that it has pitched roof planes or valbes at both ends instead of gables. The eaves of both the gable and hipped planes are at the same height level. This type of roof is used on free-standing buildings with a rectangular plan. Like the gable roof, a mansard roof can also be supplemented with a hipped roof.

Střecha polovalbová | COMAX


A semi-hipped roof is a special case of a hipped roof, when the eaves of the hipped plane are higher than the eaves of the gable plane. Thus, the building has a gable, but it is not built up to the ridge as in a gable roof.

Střecha stanová | COMAX


A standing seam roof (sometimes also called a hipped roof) usually has four roof planes that converge at a central peak to form a four- or more-sided hip. It is used on detached buildings of approximately square plan. It is a special case of a hipped roof.

Střecha mansardová | COMAX


Mansard roof is a variant of a gable roof. Each half of it between the ridge and eaves consists of two roof planes of different pitch. The internal space under this roof is called the mansard (living loft). Nowadays, the so-called false mansard roof is widespread - it is a gable roof that is complemented by mansard cladding on the vertical wall of the upper floor.

Roof pitch

There are two terms used in relation to roof pitch in pitched roofs:

Bezpečný sklon střechy | COMAX

Safe roof pitch:

from what roof pitch is the roof covering safe when installed as standard without additional special measures.

Minimální sklon střechy | COMAX

Minimum roof pitch:

aboutwhat roof pitch the roofing material is safe to install with special measures just for low pitch (increased tightness of the safety layer, etc.).

Velkoformátové střešní krytiny | COMAX

Large-format metal roofing

Large-format metal roofing generally has lower safe pitches than stacked tile roofing. COMAX roofing can be installed on roofs with pitches as low as 4°

Velkoformátové střešní krytiny | COMAX

Small-format sheet metal roofing

Small-format sheet metal roofing generally has a safe pitch of 22° or more.

Choosing COMAX Sheet Metal Roofing

COMAX Sheet Metal Roofing is currently available in seven different options:

Alukryt krytina | COMAX

COMAX Alukryt

Traditional Czech roofing all-purpose roofing made of aluminium sheet alloys. The production of Alukryt® has a history of more than 50 years.

BoCo krytina | COMAX


Molded from premium aluminum material reminiscent of square-type fiber cement roofing templates, that covered the roofs of prestigious buildings in the past. The roofing's perfect waterproofing properties are ensured by a safety lock that closes the bottom edge of each template.

Ocelový Falc - krytina | COMAX


This is a grooved roofing material representing a quality solution for mountainous areas and rugged roof shapes.

Klik 31 ocelová krytina | COMAX


Modern cover with hollow groove for easy surfaces thanks to track locking, It is manufactured according to the length and shape of the roof, minimising waste.

Taška krytina | COMAX


Highly durable and lightweight profiled roofing, with a look reminiscent of a classic folded tile. It offers a wide range of colours and finishes.

Trapéz krytina | COMAX

COMAX Trapeze

Trapeze sheets are one of the traditional building elements, They are mainly used to cover larger roof areas and clad walls of industrial buildings.

Ocelová krytina Vlnka | COMAX


Modern design of corrugated trapezoidal sheet adds an aesthetic and protective function to the building for its façade and roof layers. It thus combines an individual and timeless look with an economical and architecturally interesting solution.

Střešní krytina COMAX ComBo


It is a great alternative for the reconstruction of houses, cottages and cottages from the original asbestos cement roofing while maintaining the design.

Material of the roofing

Slab roofing is usually available in two variants, which differ in weight, length of warranty and other parameters:

Materiál ocel - příslušenství COMAX


Aluminum is a modern and highly durable material characterized by extreme resistance to weathering and corrosion. The aluminium alloy used in the production of our roofing materials is alloyed with magnesium and manganese, therefore it also guarantees increased resistance to vibration loads, excellent fracture toughness and also reduces the thermal expansion of the material - it does not crack, does not break and is perfectly usable for complex roof details. Due to their durability, our aluminium roofing products are designed for roofs of all types and shapes at any altitude with a lifetime guarantee of up to 75 years.

Materiál ocel - příslušenství COMAX


Steel sheet with full 275 g/m² protective galvanizing complemented by a high quality surface treatment lacquering serves as an alternative for covering pitched roofs with lower purchase costs. At the same time, it fully meets the highest demands of modern pitched roof construction or renovation and guarantees a lifetime guarantee of up to 40 years (PUR/PA). The main advantage of this material is its low thermal expansion, where the sheet changes its volume significantly less due to temperature changes.

Colour shade

Choosing the right colour shade for metal roofing is a key factor in achieving aesthetic harmony throughout the building. The colour of the roof affects the overall impression of the building and its integration into the surrounding environment. When choosing a colour, it is therefore important to take into account not only personal taste, but also the architectural styling of the building and its location. It is also advisable to take into account any restrictions imposed by local building regulations or urban plans.

Comax Roofs

Various colour selection

There is a wide range of metal roofing colours, offering a choice from more traditional natural shades to more modern and bold options. Other factors such as the orientation of the building to the light or the surrounding landscape must also be taken into account when deciding on the appropriate colour. Another important factor is the functionality and energy efficiency of the chosen colour shade. Light colours tend to reflect sunlight and reduce heat accumulation, which can be a great advantage in the hot summer months.

COMAX míchání barev

23 stock shades

COMAX roofs have 23 stock colour shades, but offer the option of more than 800 custom shades in all colours with a combination of finishes.

Type of finish

The finish is one of the key factors that you should consider when choosing a quality metal roofing for your roof. This is because the right finish not only protects the sheet metal from corrosion and damage, but it also affects the aesthetic appearance of the entire building.

One of the most commonly used finishes is polyester lacquer. This type of surface has basic protection against UV rays, mechanical wear and tear and atmospheric conditions. Thanks to this coating, the sheet metal maintains its colour and gloss for a long time. A higher option is polyurethane lacquer, which provides greater resistance to chemicals and has very good UV resistance.

Another important aspect of the finish is its structure. Sheets with a smooth texture have a modern and elegant look, but are more prone to abrasions and fingerprints. On the other hand, sheets with a textured surface are great at masking minor damage while providing better scratch resistance. So when choosing a finish, it's important to consider both aesthetic and functional aspects to ensure your metal roofing will last for years and look great.



Provides basic resistance to weathering, corrosion and UV rays


PES TEXT (textured MAT)

This is a textured/structured surface, has very good resistance to abrasion during handling, installation and sliding of frozen snow from the roof.



Has high resistance to UV and high chemical resistance. It is suitable for use for building elements in environments with higher UV load or in industrial environments (chemical resistance).



High resistance to UV radiation and chemical processes.


Design Stucco

Embossed sheet metal with PES textured surface (orange peel), which is interesting especially for its design and masks very well small damages or unevenness.

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