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Characteristics of the service

One of the advantages of all COMAX coverings is the unique Coil Coating technology. This involves the continuous rolling of a micron-thick organic coating onto an unrolled steel or aluminium strip using a system of rollers, followed by curing in ovens at temperatures up to 240°C. This process ensures evenly uniform coating application over the entire waist and gives the material unique functional and aesthetic properties for use in even the most demanding conditions.

We also offer our clients a really wide range of colours for all coverings. In our permanent offer you will find a total of 23 colours. For customers for whom originality is of the utmost importance, we offer for orders over 400 m² the possibility of custom production of more than 800 non-standard shades of all colours in all finishes. Alternatively, we can create a completely new customized shade for our clients according to their own color standard.

COMAX® Coatings exclusively use coils with declared properties from leading European suppliers for painting and coating production.

Unique Benefits of Custom
COMAX Painting

Základní odstíny barev | COMAX

23 basic
colour shades

Více než 800 odstínů barev | COMAX

More than 800
customized shades

Technologie Coil Coating | COMAX

Coil Coating

Originální odstín | COMAX

The shade of your choice

Modern laboratories

In 2015 we opened modern laboratories. These are divided into a coatings development section and a quality monitoring section. This modern facility, fully equipped for extensive testing, enables us to consistently maintain the high quality of the coated sheet for the production of all COMAX coatings. This allows us to provide our customers with high warranties without worry.

COMAX® testing also tests all roofing fasteners.

COMAX míchání barev

Laboratory for the development of coatings

The laboratory for the development and production of coatings formulates coatings based on polyesters and polyurethanes. With the help of a metallographic microscope, we can observe defects on the painted material and reveal their cause. We also test the input material. While we test the sheet metal with a tear tester, we check the declared values for the coating materials, such as viscosity, weight content of non-volatile substances, colour variation of the coating film, its gloss, hardness and flexibility. Thanks to the laboratory laminator, we can also test PVC and PET films and their adhesion properties using the burrowing test.

Laboratory for monitoring of material resistance

The laboratory for monitoring the resistance of the painted material to external conditions was equipped with instruments for simulating solar radiation with the possibility of water condensation, instruments for testing salt fog and the effect of condensation on the painted surface. These tests simulate elevated corrosion stresses in the environment. But we also test samples under realistic outdoor conditions. It is this wide range of testing that allows us to continuously monitor and maintain the high quality of the painted material.

testovací centrum

Overseas test centres

In addition to accelerated testing in our own laboratories, we test our painted sheet metal in real time in accredited foreign centres. Samples for testing are selected to represent both types of painted material (aluminum, steel) and all types of coating systems including lamination. We regularly comply with all prescribed tests. The standard testing period is two years, which we plan to extend to five and ten years in the near future.

Additional services for our clients

Doprava a balení | Služby COMAX

Packaging and

You can benefit from reliable and fast transport of your roofing to your specified location. Material supplied to site within 4 weeks.

Úpravy plechů a svitků | COMAX

Sheet metal
and coil

We also offer custom cutting, rewinding and bending of sheet metal coils and sheets in cooperation with our parent company METAL TRADE COMAX.

Jak vybrat střešní krytinu | COMAX průvodce

How to choose
the right roof

To ensure that your roof serves you well and for a long time, both functionally and aesthetically, you need to take care in its selection. That's why we've put together a clear guide for you.

Lakování na zakázku | COMAX

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