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Custom modifications
of sheets and coils

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Characteristics of the service

Within our services we also offer the possibility of customized sheet and coil finishing. We provide these services in cooperation with our parent company METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s.

Thanks to our modern machinery we offer superior services such as transverse and longitudinal cutting of painted and natural material, coiling of coils up to 1 t and width up to 1 250 mm, bending of plumbing elements for roof sheathing up to 6 m. All plumbing elements are always optimized to the specific type of COMAX® sheet metal roofing and fitted with a removable PE film cover to prevent scratching of the material during transport or subsequent installation.

All services are carried out within agreed deadlines according to the customer's needs with the possibility of transport to the construction site.

Unique Benefits of COMAX Custom Sheet and Coil Finishing

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implementation of modifications

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Professional facilities

Custom sheet metal and coil adjustments are provided at our production facility in Velvary and at our facility in Jindřichův Hradec, including custom production of all standard and atypical sheet metal roofing elements.

All of our workplaces for custom sheet metal and coil finishing have fully professional and modern equipment.

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Custom Cutting


We offer our customers a wide range of standard and non-standard colours and finishes of Coil Coated sheet metal. We are able to slit transversely and longitudinally to your exact requirements. Input materials for custom sheet metal cutting are aluminum alloys and cold rolled mild and structural steels suitable for further forming. We paint and cut the sheets in lengths and quantities in accordance with each customer's exact specifications.


In addition to the cutting of sheets, which we carry out in cooperation with the cutting centres of the parent company METAL TRADE COMAX, we also offer precise cuttings of painted and natural, steel and aluminium material according to individual requirements. Thanks to our high stock capacity, we can handle our customers' requests almost immediately.

Custom rewinding

In the production area of STŘECHY COMAX in Velvary and in our plant in Jindřichův Hradec we offer the service of custom rewinding (unwinding) of painted and unpainted material. We have several types of rewinding lines. The rewinding of sheet metal and its delivery is thus carried out within precisely defined deadlines and according to the customer's needs.

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Zakázkové úpravy plechů a svitků COMAX

Custom bending

Our technical department proposes a suitable solution of plumbing elements for roof sheathing for each job on the basis of project documentation or measurement of roof areas. The individual elements are always optimized for the specific type of COMAX sheet metal roofing.

The plumbing plan and quotation for the complete roofing system include the exact number of standard meters of plumbing elements such as bent ridge, leeward battens, top and bottom gable flashings, flat retractable and eave flashings, ventilation ridge battens, gutter flashings and more.

Custom bending of sheet metal is also done based on the exact requirement of the customer in lengths up to 6 m at developed width as per drawing and specification. All types of bent elements are supplied with roofing in recommended lengths to suit each roof.

Additional services for our clients

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Shipping and

We will carefully pack your roofing and other components and reliably transport them to their destination. We have several of our own hydraulic boom trucks for safe transport and unloading.

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For demanding customers we offer custom painting of metal roofing. There are over 800 shades to choose from and we are the only company in the country to use Coal Coating technology.

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How to choose
the right roof

To ensure that your roof serves you well and for a long time, both functionally and aesthetically, you need to take care in its selection. That's why we've put together a clear guide for you.

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Are you interested in custom coil or sheet metal fabrication?

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