COMAX Falc - The ideal roofing choice

The Comax Falc is manufactured by painting aluminium or steel alloy perfectly adapted to further processing. The lacquer coating provides dual corrosion protection to the metal core while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the roof. Thanks to the in-house painting line, the roofing products are available in an unprecedentedly wide range of colours and finishes. This range surpasses the options offered by all hard roofing materials by orders of magnitude.

The COMAX Falc roofing system builds on the history-tested batten and falc sheet roofing. The crafted roofing material in the form of long and very long shafts (strips) is suitable for all shapes of pitched roofs, flat and organic shapes of the most modern architecture. The extraordinary tightness of the shingle connection allows its use from the lowest slopes (4°) to perpendicular façade surfaces, where it can be used for its unifying appearance or, on the contrary, to highlight and accentuate an entrance portal or other architectural detail.

Falc, Slovensko 9006


Comax Falc cover scarves are designed not only for manual, but also for machine covering, which makes its use on large roof areas more efficient. The hidden indirect anchoring contributes to the tightness and aesthetics of the metal roof. In contrast to the patinated metal materials that are also used, COMAX Falc is available immediately in an optimum visual expression. Comax Falc does not stain facades and pavements with leached ions and salts like patinating materials and is therefore extremely suitable for connection to rainwater harvesting systems for any application.


Last but not least, we must mention the lightness of COMAX Falc, which will have a positive effect not only during transport and installation, but by reducing the load on the building throughout its long life. The roofing with an aluminium alloy core is particularly suitable for monumental buildings with a projected service life of over a century. COMAX roofs offer the longest warranty on this roofing material, up to 65 years.

Moderní apartmány, Falc 7016
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